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There should be no limits to sharing of experiences. Not limits like location, budget or political situation. This was the initial thought for our ASU Talk program, which is run periodically on publicly available social media – Facebook and YouTube. Every month we bring a topic to our audience, which aims at broadening their horizons in terms of African-Slovak connotations. Our speakers, be it individuals or representatives of organizations, present their point of view towards the topic based on their experience and/or knowledge. Afterwards, our audience interacts with them within the discussion part.

Marking its first edition this year, UBUNTU Summer BBQ vol. 1 desires to engage people in fun activities that contribute to the inclusive society we want to be a part of.

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For every month, we identify a theme and a topic, to which we invite individuals to share their perspectives. We want our podcasts, discussions and real-life stories to reshape people’s single stories into a collection lessons and experiences.

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In African-Slovak Union we believe that creating connections is how we move forward. As an organization, we were founded on an idea to make Slovakia more inclusive and understanding of African culture. And what’s better than acting as establishing a direct face-to-face human connection. Thus we are constantly planning new ways to connect our vision with reality and organise interesting events for both our members and other foreigners living in Slovakia.

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