Ubuntu Project


We at African-Slovak Union are on a mission to realize a community where Africans and Slovaks can understand, celebrate and benefit from the similarities and differences that define each culture.

In observation of the spirit of inclussion and togetherness we want to create a tradition of UBUNTU Summer BBQ, which invites people of different cultures, colors, traditions and nationalities. Taking advantage of beautiful long sunny days, every year we want to join hands and bring international community together to simply enjoy the atmosphere of cultural variety and embrace the notion of friendship amplified by good food, drinks and catchy music!

Ubuntu Summer BBQ 2022

Marking its first edition this year, UBUNTU Summer BBQ vol.1 desires to engage people in fun activities that contribute to the inclusive society we want to be a part of.

“Let’s build together”, the motto of the event thus carries the symbolism of initiating a tradition of meaningful cultural event we can further build on. It is a puzzle piece to a more inclusive and peaceful society we all want to be a part of.

Recording microphones

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