About ASU

Since our inception in 2020, African-Slovak Union as a non-governmental organization has been on a steady way of delivering our promise to be at the forefront of Slovak- African relations, to initiate, accelerate and sustain positive intercultural dialogue between the two parties for mutual understanding and benefit.

We unite in the belief that bringing individuals and organizations together results in a more inclusive, understanding, peacefully coexisting, and enriching experience for Slovaks, Africans, and other individuals residing in Slovakia.

Our Vision

A community where Africans and Slovaks can understand, celebrate and benefit from the similarities and differences that define each culture.

Our Mission

We are committed to bridging the gap between Slovaks and Africans driven by the principles of inclusivity, cultural awareness, tolerance to enhance cooperation and friendly relations through interactive activities, knowledge sharing and the power of storytelling.

Our Core Values

We treat all people with dignity and respect and see beauty in the similarities and differences each culture brings.

We promote organic interactions between Slovaks and Africans to build friendships, learn about their practices, language, and habits and understand different perspectives within each world.

We work hard to build strong ties between Slovaks and Africans. Mutual assistance is a goal we strive for, for both cultures as potential collaborators, to choose cooperation as often as possible as a viable alternative to competition.

We create a safe environment where Slovaks and Africans can co-exist regardless of differences to feel welcome and valued.

We strive for just practices and policies that ensure members of the African community in Slovakia can thrive.

We encourage a diverse community through shared experiences, promoting tolerance and understanding between Slovaks and Africans, and strengthening economic growth through the richness inherent in differences between cultures.


ASU Team

This is Jude. ASU Co-founder


This is Martin. ASU Co-founder


This is Zuzana. ASU Co-founder


This is Martina. ASU Co-founder



Our partners

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