About ASU

ASU is a centralized entity that raises awareness of African-Slovak cooperation in order to build a network of support contacts and organizations as well as create an interactive and educational platform for Slovaks and Africans. We believe that such an initiative can significantly help to a more comprehensive perception of different cultures and ethnicities in Slovakia and thus support a positive attitude towards African fellow citizens living in Slovakia. The African-Slovak Union aims to represent Africans and Slovaks on the principles of equality, inclusion, tolerance, cooperation, and exchange of experiences.

ASU develops several activities and has become a part of several projects, initiatives, or events. The ASU pilot project is a discussion interactive, informative educational platform, ASU Talk, which invites individuals, experts, or representatives of organizations to discuss various topics at monthly intervals. ASU Talk raises awareness not only about inclusion and diversity but also about the African continent and thus contributes to a more transparent and comprehensive perception of otherness and diversity in our society.

What We Stand For

Our intention is to promote Slovak-African cooperation, facilitate mutual awareness of diversity, strengthen relationships between various African communities in Slovakia and integrate Africans into Slovak society. We aspire to foster friendly interaction between all parties involved on the basis of unity, respect, racial equality, transparency, and acceptance of all cultures. ASU welcomes everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age or sex.


ASU Team

This is Jude. ASU Co-founder


This is Martin. ASU Co-founder


This is Zuzana. ASU Co-founder


This is Martina. ASU Co-founder



Our partners

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