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The aim of ASU Talk project is to create an open platform that advocates for social equity, empathy, tolerance while raising awareness on diversity and inclusion in our society. We believe that reducing conscious and unconscious bias fosters trust, discussion and embraces a positive and inclusive society that is free from any form of discrimination.

There should be no limits to sharing of experiences. Not limits like location, budget, or political situation. This was the initial thought for our ASU Talk program, which is run periodically on publicly available social media – Facebook and YouTube. Every month we bring a topic to our audience, which aims at broadening their horizons in terms of African-Slovak connotations.

Our speakers, be it individuals or representatives of organizations, present their point of view towards the topic based on their experience and/or knowledge. Afterwards, our audience interacts with them within the discussion part.

We believe that it is is a pity when people are only presented a single story by the media, politicians, or even books and therefore ASU Talk aims at challenging the streamlined way of thinking about Africa, about Africans in Slovakia and their role and contribution to our society, about the compatibility of our cultures and other similar topics. It is here to provide food for thought, to offer an alternative to inherited and learned patterns of perception, all by connecting real-life examples and impressions with natural curiosity and critical thinking of our audience.

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ASU Talk events occur every month and stream live via our social media channels like Facebook and YouTube focusing on establishing meaningful discussions, experience sharing, real-life stories, and opinions around a variety of topics. Our topics mainly focus on embracing diversity, inclusion, tolerance, anti-racism, equity, and social justice.  The virtual audience participates by sending in their comments which the moderator picks up and adds to the discussion. At the end of the event, we compile and publish an article that captures the entire event including most of the comments from the virtual audience.

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Sponsors, Speakers, Writers, Contributors & Attendees

Sponsors: With the overgrowing need for open-mindness and tolerance, we are constantly looking for partners, participants and sponsors to help us promote the ASU Talk to a broad public. If you believe in sharing, if equality and equity are your core values, that it is you we would like to work with. We encourage you to contribute in any way you find appropriate – let´s build a better tomorrow together!. Contact Us

Speakers/Panelists: We welcome interested panelists to share their experiences and opinions on the topics we discuss during the events. We explore one topic per event. Contact us

Writers: We are seeking interested writers to help us document the event and compile articles for us to continue spreading the message further after the live event. Contact us

Contributors: We continuously welcome fresh ideas and inputs to The ASU Talk project or any other ASU programs. Contact us

Attendees: Attending our online Live events is completely free. We invite you to follow us on Facebook and also join our Facebook Closed group so that you get on-time updates about the project and event. Contact us

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