I need help

Are you fleeing from the crisis in Ukraine and are now looking for temporary accommodation in Slovakia? We stand with you and we will do our best to help you in all possible ways. 

I can host

I would like to help by offering to host BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) that are fleeing from Ukraine for a specified time.

I want to help

We constantly need volunteers in different areas such as; transport, legal support, psychological support, fundraising, providing information, etc. You could also just want to help in the collection of supplies such as food, clothes, beddings, etc. Join this WhatsApp group to meet and coordinate with other volunteers.

I want to give financial support

I would like to give financial help so that African-Slovak Union can continue providing support to the people fleeing from Ukraine. 

For persons who do not have Ukrainian citizenship:

  • Slovakia allows entry to all persons coming from Ukraine, including persons who do not have Ukrainian citizenship but can prove lawful residence in Ukraine.
  • You will receive a stamp in your passport upon entry. Entry into Slovakia means that you can legally stay here temporarily.
  • You will be allowed to enter Slovakia if you can show your passport/ID and a residence permit for Ukraine at the border. You can present these documents even if they are no longer valid.
  • Contact the embassy of your home country immediately after entry to inform them of your situation and ask for assistance with your departure from Slovakia.
  • However, being allowed to enter Slovakia does not mean you can move freely within the European Union. If you want to travel further on, you need to find out what entry conditions apply in the country you will be passing through for the citizens of your own country.
  • More information is also available at the Slovak government website.