ASU Programs

Together We Can

In order to function, proceed and enlarge, we need help from individuals as well as organizations. We have the ambition to make an impact, highlight our core principles and eventually show the fruits of our work. We won’t make it on our own though. In order to run our projects and maintain our volunteering activities, we need your help! Either you are an individual who wants to give us a hand or a representative of an organization or a company that wants to donate or promote us, we invite you to contact us right away! Every minute lost is a wasted opportunity while every minute used leads to great outcomes, so don’t hesitate and show up! We need you!

People To People

Bring yourself and take your friends along! We organize various activities that aim to contribute to positive change in society in one way or another. There is a sea of possibilities of how we together can make an impact. Everything starts from below, progressively, individual to individual, community to community, society to society…From community services to social gatherings, we want to get close to each other in mutual respect, understanding and care. Give us a hand, bring your idea or just come to be entertained. We want you to have fun, educate yourself and get inspired!

I am Human

How to better showcase difference, equality and positivity than introducing stories of interesting people and their successful journey? How did black people make it in the „white world“, what were their struggles and how did they overcome them? What would be their recommendation not only for their fellow Africans but also to anyone who aspires to make a change in their personal lives? In short interviews we want to bring to your attention stories that are worth it! Get inspired by people who challenge themselves to make a difference, help others and motivate others to find their own purpose.