I am Human

We are a group of enthusiasts passionate about creating and sustaining a safe and interactive space that deepens the relationship between Slovaks and Africans. Having different backgrounds and exteriors, we have one common passion for the Africa. We unite in the belief that bringing individuals or organizations can result in a more inclusive, understanding, peacefully- coexisting and enriching experience for Slovaks, Africans residing in Slovakia or any other people who share the same passion with us.

Black Lives Matter Protest Picture of ASU team and Ibi Maiga
ASU team with Ibi Maiga

together we can!

Our intention is to promote Slovak – African cooperation, spread the general awareness of Slovaks or other nationalities about African countries, strengthen the relationship between various African communities in Slovakia and integrate Africans to Slovak society. We aspire to foster friendly interaction between all parties involved on the basis of principles of unity and mutual coherence, respect, racial equality, transparency and openness, and acceptance of all cultures. ASU welcomes everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, age or sex.